YHS Graduation Requirements and Scheduling Information for Parents

Please click the attachments below to view a presentation and slides regarding graduation requirements and scheduling information for YHS students.  The video is not short, so you may want to consider viewing it in a couple of settings.  It is so important to have some working knowledge of the new graduation requirements that are legislated for your child.  They are intricate and there are a lot of expectations of students, schools and families to accomplish all of the moving parts.  YHS has systems and plans in place to assist you and your child, but it will take all of us.  After viewing the video and the slides, if you have questions please feel free to contact Principal Brewer or your child’s counselor:  Grades 8 & 9-Katie Preston, Grades 10-12 A-K Michelle Cooper, Grades 10-12 L-Z Stephanie Belcher.